Morgan Drexen to Support Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County With Multi-Month Commitment

COSTA MESA, Calif., Feb. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems, a nationwide leader in legal administrative support services ( today announced a multi-month commitment to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County, California.

The Company has announced that their commitment will include multiple fundraising activities, and special events involving nearly 200 employees at the company's Orange County headquarters, which is the region served by the local chapter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

"I think it's nice to use Valentine's Day weekend as a way to show that companies like Morgan Drexen value the support and love given by the volunteers who make Big Brothers and Big Sisters work," said Morgan Drexen CEO, Walter Ledda. "The volunteers who are leaders for young children in need of a role model, really do love and care about the children they are helping."

Morgan Drexen kicked off their support campaign for Big Brothers and Big Sisters on Valentine's Day with a company-wide candy heart sale. The company has also planned fundraising activities for the next 90 days that are expected to raise thousands of dollars in support of the organization.

"Supporting people who volunteer their time to help children is something that every one of our employees can appreciate," said Dina Iglesias who heads Morgan Drexen's HR department. "Teenagers and Children, both boys and girls, need to have positive role models who can set an example which can be used as a roadmap to follow as they grow into adulthood."

Morgan Drexen plans to use the money raised from company events along with volunteer employees to work together with Big Brothers and Big Sisters in providing several park clean up and improvement days which will occur over the next several months. The days will include tree planting and garden planting, trash clean up, repairing and painting any facilities in disrepair, and equipment installation days.

"Joining forces with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County should be a very rewarding experience," said Joe Lizura, Morgan Drexen's Vice President of Media and Public Relations. "Our volunteers will get to work first hand with other volunteers young and old to make a real difference in our own community."

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