No Algorithms, No Selfies: New Dating App SuperDate to Take on eHarmony and Tinder

VANCOUVER, B.C., Feb. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- So how is SuperDate going to fix a broken online dating culture in a world cluttered with terrible dating apps?

Well for one, SuperDate is made by people who believe that online dating apps and services have failed to deliver on their promises and that all too often only lead to a frustrating and tedious string of pointless back-and-forth messaging. That online dating, in a word, is broken.

That it's turned what should be one of the most fun and exciting experiences of your life into a mechanical routine, like the algorithms of eHarmony or to swiping away of anonymous faces on Tinder.

That it obstructs rather than connects - leaving you stuck on the Internet rather than getting out into the world and having the time of your life.

As a result, some say dating is dead, that it's over. That we live in a "hook-up culture" now.

We kindly beg to differ.

We believe that "dating" is not some cheesy or outmoded concept that should be treated like work, but a human ideal that transcends profile pics and personality matches.

And maybe this is idealistic - but we also believe that with the right intentions, a dating app can help make dating better than it's ever been.

So we've stripped "the game" out of the dating game and left only the things that matter - you getting away from the computer, out into the world.

We are SuperDate. And we're here to make dating super again

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