Redux Holdings, Inc. Announces A3 Vertical Growth System 100% Acquisition

WILMINGTON, Del., Feb. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Redux Holdings, Inc. (OTC:RDXH) is proud to announce the complete acquisition of the A3 Vertical System.

Redux Holdings, Inc. is proud to announce the A3 Vertical Growth System, a new agricultural technology aimed at dramatically increasing production, reducing costs, and removing regional climatic restrictions on growing seasons.

The A3 system has been shown to increase production in terms of density, frequency, and efficiency of resources. When compared to traditional farming methods, the A3 system has demonstrated a ten-fold increase in produce yield per acre. The mechanics of the system also allow for an increased frequency of production, resulting in 3-4 harvests per season. In addition, the A3 Vertical System is designed to increase resource efficiency and reduce cost, and tests have demonstrated the system reduces water consumption by up to 75%. The system also requires significantly less personnel than traditional farming. For every 311 plants it takes less than 15 Minutes to harvest.

The A3 system's unique technology allows for the production of sellable crops at temperatures lower than 50° F, circumventing a limitation that currently blocks traditional farming methods in these conditions. Current tests have shown yields of sellable produce at 40° F, and tests are being prepared for lower temperatures this upcoming winter, with the long term goal of breaking below 20° F. The circumvention of temperature restrictions allows for an increase in production by extending growing seasons into the winter months, and also removes regional restrictions on crop production due to climate. In particular, Redux Holdings, Inc. aims to bring the vertical growth system to regions of the globe where temperature restrictions would otherwise make food production unfeasible.

Each unit of the A3 Vertical Growth System consists of three (3) plant rows, one (1) water reservoir, and one (1) water pump, and can be outfitted for both aquaponic and hydroponic technology. In addition, the A3 systems can also be geared to use solar power, in accord with Redux Holdings, Inc. commitment to environmentally friendly technology.

The A3 System can be used for a variety of crops, including but not limited to bulbs, roots, kale, indigo tomatoes, sage, collard greens, basil, Marijuana, and may also be used for floral production. Additionally, the reservoir portion of each unit can be used to farm one thousand fish. In additional to the direct increase of revenue from fish production, the introduction of fish into the ecology of the system removes the need for fertilizer and can result in certified organic produce.

With the A3 Vertical Growth System, Redux Holdings, Inc. continues its mission to promote environmentally friendly and cost-efficient technology for the American industry.

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