UPS Honors Tennessee Drivers for 25 Years of Safe Driving

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UPS (NYSE:UPS) today announced 61 elite drivers from Tennessee are among 1,445 newly inducted worldwide into the Circle of Honor, an honorary organization for UPS drivers who have achieved 25 or more years of accident-free driving.

Tennessee boasts 250 active Circle of Honor drivers with a combined 7,183 years of accident-free driving. Gary Witt of Waverly is the state's senior safe driver, with 42 years of accident-free driving under his belt. There are 2,694 total UPS drivers in Tennessee.

Globally, 7,878 active UPS drivers are members of the Circle of Honor. Collectively they've racked up more than 221,000 years and more than 5.3 billion safe miles during their careers. That's enough miles to travel to Mars and back 36 times.

"My thanks go to all of them for their dedication and focus, and for the countless lives they've saved," said Kenneth Harms, president, UPS Mid-South District.

Globally, the most seasoned UPS Circle of Honor driver is Thomas Camp of Livonia, Mich., with 52 years of driving without an accident. Ronald McKnight of Bronx, N.Y., is next in line with 46 years of safe driving. Sixty-two others have logged at least 40 years without an accident.

UPS's 102,000 drivers are among the safest on the roads, logging more than 3 billion miles a year and delivering more than 4 billion packages safely.

Founded in 1907, UPS has a rich history of safety and training. The company issued its first driver handbook in 1917 and began recognizing safe drivers in 1923. In 1928, UPS recognized its first five-year safe driver, Ray McCue, with UPS founder Jim Casey presenting him a gold and platinum watch. UPS formally established its safe driving honor program in 1928.

** NOTE: The following table lists local drivers by hometown and UPS center. If you're interested in interviewing a local driver, please contact Dan McMackin at Visit for multimedia assets.

Following is a list of Tennessee drivers inducted this year to the Circle of Honor.

Driver Hometown UPS Work Location
Allen, Jeffrey Goodlettsville Whites Creek Hub
Baggett, Greg Harrison Chattanooga
Beeler, George Knoxville Knoxville
Best, Michael Knoxville Knoxville
Bowles, Lawrence Andersonville Knoxville
Burt Jr, Charles Goodlettsville Whites Creek Hub
Campbell, John Murfreesboro Murfreesboro
Cantrell, Thomas Goodlettsville Whites Creek Hub
Carden, James Lake City Oliver Springs
Carl, Jeff Somerville Memphis
Coker, Robin Knoxville Knoxville
Crabtree, Roy Chattanooga Chattanooga
Cross, George Medina Jackson
Douglass, Robert Knoxville Knoxville
Edwards, Andrew Ooltewah Chattanooga
Edwards, Kevin Murfreesboro Murfreesboro
Epps Sr, Alvester Memphis Oakhaven Package Distribution Center
Espy, Joseph Nashville Whites Creek Hub
Ferguson, Fred Red Bank Chattanooga
Freeman, Rodney Chattanooga Chattanooga
Froelich, Jerry Clarksville Clarksville
Furlong, Rhonda Knoxville Knoxville
Gencay, David Powell Knoxville
Gilliland Jr, Glen Tullahoma Tullahoma
Gordon, Phillip Adams Whites Creek Hub
Gregory, Vance Knoxville Knoxville
Hicks, Juan Collierville Oakhaven Package Distribution Center
Hicks, Tim Louisville Maryville Center
Hill, Ray Sr Whites Creek Whites Creek Hub
Holmes, Robert Somerville Oakhaven Package Distribution Center
Igberaese, Christopher Memphis Oakhaven Package Distribution Center
Jarrett Jr, Vernon Clarksville Clarksville
Levering, Nicholas Cottontown Whites Creek Hub
Lopp, George Lawrenceburg Lawrenceburg
Marcom, Kenneth Manchester Chattanooga
Mc Conkey II, John Knoxville Knoxville
Mcclung, Jeffrey White House Whites Creek Hub
Mitchell, Gregory Greenbrier Whites Creek Hub
Myers, Haston Nashville Whites Creek Hub
Parrott, Mitchell Powell Knoxville
Pope, Sheila Rock Island Sparta
Powers, Richard Hendersonville Whites Creek Hub
Prather, Ronald Selmer Selmer
Pyron, Gregory Bartlett Oakhaven Package Distribution Center
Raby, Eddie Knoxville Knoxville
Ramsey, Phillip Rockford Knoxville
Rather, Martin Mt. Juliet Massman
Sams, John Smyrna Whites Creek Hub
Sanders, John Lawrenceburg Columbia
Simpson, Steven Knoxville Knoxville
Stahl, Richard Nashville Whites Creek Hub
Stewart, Robert Trenton Oakhaven Package Distribution Center
Tritt, James Knoxville Knoxville
Tudor Jr, Ralph Hixson Chattanooga
Webb, James Goodlettsville Whites Creek Hub
Webb, Richard Cookeville Cookeville Center
Wells Jr, Leslie Hixson Chattanooga
White, Darryl Ooltewah Chattanooga
Williams, Sterling Smyrna Whites Creek Hub
Wilmoth, Larry Cookeville Whites Creek Hub
Wooten, Anthony Collierville Oakhaven Package Distribution Center

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Source: UPS