What exactly will the Apple Watch do?

Apple looking ahead; Get excited or scared?

Apple's anticipated smartwatch is set to debut in April, but there's still some mystery about what exactly the device will and will not do.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the device was initially supposed to be "a state-of-the-art health-monitoring device that could measure blood pressure, heart activity and stress levels."

But difficulty in perfecting that functionality, and the desire to avoid government regulation, ultimately led the company to reject those options, said the WSJ.

As far as we know Apple Watch will have multiple identities with several functions. It will provide the time and other bits of information, allow buying with Apple Pay and track physical activity, among other things. All this while also functioning as a fashion accessory.

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"One of the biggest surprises people are going to have when they start using it is the breadth of what it will do," Apple CEO Tim Cook said at last week's investor conference.

Although the smartwatch is a risky bet, it could also help solidify the notion that Apple's products continue to innovate and breakthrough time and time again.

The company is ordering more than five million watches for the initial run, according to another WSJ report.