IXSuite Private Exchange Helping Employers Outside of Open Enrollment

ROSEMONT, IL, ILL., Feb. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Although the 2015 Open Enrollment Period (OEP) for health insurance has come to an end, IXSolutions is continuing to help small businesses and their employees get affordable health coverage with the IXSuite private exchange. With the availability of a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), small businesses can drop their current group health plan without the worry of leaving their employees uninsured.

When employers make the decision to break away from their traditional group plan, employees can then qualify for an SEP, allowing them 60 days to enroll in a new health plan. During this time, employees can take advantage of the numerous individual on- and off- exchange health plans offered by leading insurers available on the IXSuite private exchange.

The cost of group health insurance has become a growing concern amongst employers. In fact, over the past ten years the average coverage cost for a family plan has risen 69 percent, while workers' wages increased by 18 percent and inflation rose by only 24 percent. Although rising prices will likely sustain, many small business owners would like to ensure their employees have the ability to access affordable health insurance.

"IXSuite gives employers who are struggling to manage their group health coverage a new option that saves them time and money," said John DiVito, president and CEO of IXSolutions. "Even with the OEP having ended, these employers can get out of their traditional group plan and switch to a private exchange, where their employees can choose the health plan and insurance company that best fits their needs."

The exchange offers an online health insurance marketplace, offering employees the opportunity to enroll in a health plan from one of the nation's leading insurance companies and avoid the tax penalty for remaining uninsured. The IXSuite team of licensed insurance professionals is also available to help employees determine if they qualify for financial assistance with insurance premiums and other health care costs.

To learn more about IXSolutions, visit IXSHealth.com or call 855-563-6993.

About IXSolutions

IXSolutions was founded by the owners of Flexible Benefit Service Corporation (Flex), leveraging over 26 years of experience in the health insurance and benefits administration marketplace. IXSolutions offers employers an affordable way to help employees gain access to health insurance with the IXSuite private exchange. For individuals and families, IXSolutions offers an easy way to shop and compare coverage options using the IXStore health insurance marketplace. Learn more at www.ixshealth.com.

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