Renewable Energy

Offshore wind power sinks, sparks call for rescue

Northeastern states offer the best hope for the future of offshore wind power, but current policy for the renewable energy source is not working. That's according to a Breaking Energy article on its site, citing a report from the nonprofit Clean Energy Group and Navigant.

Denmark's Anholt wind power farm. The United States trails Europe in developing the energy source.
Wikimedia Commons

Citing a series of failed wind power initiatives at the state level, the report calls for a multi-state push that goes beyond being just "an advisory committee," and an effort that has the financial means to achieve its goals.

"Single-state solutions are likely doomed to fail. If the goal is to build a robust pipeline of projects at scale, which can begin to better meet renewable obligations and put the region on a path to no-carbon stabilization, states must act together," Breaking Energy said, quoting the report.

The full report can be found on Breaking Energy.