Kim Jong-un gets a new haircut; Twitter loves it

As fashion fanatics across the world make notes on this season's hottest looks, one trendsetter's new haircut has sent Twitter into a spin of speculation.

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, has got a new haircut, and North Korean citizens are expected to follow suit.

Credit: KCNA KCNA (Reuters)

The leader showcased his do debut at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Pyongnang on Wednesday.

And it's not only his haircut that has had a trim -- his eyebrows have also been pruned extensively.

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Frank Feinstein, CTO at North Korean news source NK News, tweeted: "Kim Jong Un unveils sculpted eyebrow work and defined hair at Politburo meeting today."

The fashion statement was broadly welcomed by Twitter's users, with one saying the "snazzy" hairstyle had "attitude."

Others wondered what inspired the haircut, with Twitter user Juliet Liu tweeting: "'Defying Gravity' is a famous Broadway song about Kim Jong Un's new haircut."

It comes after news broke last year that Kim Jong-un had made it mandatory for all North Korean men to have a similar hairstyle to his.

In response, the M&M Hair Academy in London put up a poster of Kim Jung-un and asked: "Bad hair day?" before offering customers 15 percent off. The North Korean embassy asked for the image to be taken down due to its offensive nature.