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This stock's got to get its game back


It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Johnson & Johnson: "There's talk that they might be selling Cordis. Johnson & Johnson has got to get its game back. They do not have it right now, so that would be a welcome transaction."

Facebook: "The stock has been stalled, and I think we will probably find out it is due to insider selling or something. My Charitable Trust owns this stock, and we do not want to sell it. Why? because if you look at 2017 numbers, you're going to see this stock is not expensive."

Compugen Ltd: "That is gene sequencing, and I like gene sequencing but they threw a sale on the regular biotechs recently and I like Regeneron...I think there's a lot more ahead in this cholesterol one. I want you in Regeneron."

Progressive Corp: "Progressive is a great company. It has always been a great company, and I recommended that stock when I was at Goldman Sachs. I still think its good, but I have to tell you when people say insurance I only think Fishman. I think Travelers because that guy knows how to underwrite."

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Ship Finance International: "I can't be as confident, because when I think of income all I do is tell you to be in Kinder Morgan. Rich Kinder's got game."

Watsco Inc: "You've got a winner. I think it's terrific."

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