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YouTube to launch an app…just for kids

Forget the rude and lewd clips sometimes found of YouTube – it's about to launch a version of its video-streaming website just for kids.

The aptly-named YouTube Kids will launch on Monday in the U.S., a source with knowledge of the situation told CNBC. It will be a mobile app downloadable from the Google Play store for Android devices only.

Unsurprisingly, the standalone children's service will contain purely family-friendly content, and parents are expected to have the ability to turn the search function on and off.


Google – which owns YouTube -- would not confirm to CNBC who would be able to upload videos, but said further details would be revealed on the Monday launch.

The app has been created separately from the main YouTube website and has been trialled by third-party testers such as children's advocacy groups.

DreamWorks TV and National Geographic Kids are among many of the kid-focused content creators on YouTube whose channels are expected to feature on the new platform.

Analysts said the move makes sense for Google, as a growing number of children now have their own mobile devices.

"Kids are now going online through their own personal devices and it is difficult for parents to control what they have access to," Ian Maude, online media analyst at Enders Analysis, told CNBC by phone.

"They are acknowledging that kids want YouTube and parents want their kids to be safe. It is a smart move."

Maude added that YouTube Kids will be key to building the brand for the "next generation of audience."

It highlights the service's attempt to branch out from its original video-uploading website. Last year, Google launched a music subscription service, YouTube Music Key, to rival the likes of Spotify and Amazon's Prime Music Service.