Chiropractic Care Not Just for Injuries, Says Michaux Family Chiropractic

CLERMONT, Fla., Feb. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Clermont-based Michaux Family Chiropractic is raising awareness about the benefits of chiropractic care for all stages of an individual's life. Individuals do not need to wait until they have been injured to benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Routine adjustments promote an active and healthy lifestyle. They may even mean fewer visits to the emergency room, doctor and pharmacy, says chiropractor Dr. Kurtis Michaux.

Clermont, Florida patients can benefit from integrating routine chiropractic adjustments into their regular lifestyle, says chiropractor Dr. Kurtis Michaux. Doing so may help reduce the risk for injury and chronic health conditions while increasing energy and improving sleep quality. The chiropractor says that adjustments are beneficial for individuals of all ages, including young children, active adults and seniors.

"In today's society, we've been conditioned to seek out a 'quick fix' for health problems," said Dr. Michaux. "While there are no shortcuts to getting healthy, small changes to our daily lives can have a big difference for our overall healthy quality. This includes regular chiropractic adjustments."

Chiropractic care at Michaux Family Chiropractic does more than simply manage pain symptoms say Dr. Michaux. Adjustments actually correct the underlying cause and then serve as "maintenance care" to reduce the risk for future injuries. Adjustments help ward off many of the chronic ailments that are common in today's stressful, sedentary society.

"When it comes to wellness care, chiropractic adjustments are extremely powerful because they keep the spine properly aligned and make it easier for the brain to communicate with the body via the central nervous system," said Dr. Michaux. "Any misalignment of the spine can impact this communication and prevent optimal function."

Dr. Michaux says that the results of this communication interference include asthma, hypertension, ADHD, chronic pain, depression, and even organ failure. The key is to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.

"Periodic spinal screenings are the best way to detect subluxations or other vertebral misalignments affecting the spine before a patient's health is compromised," said Dr. Michaux. "We can then take the necessary steps to restore proper alignment before the development of chronic pain and disease."

Chiropractic care goes beyond adjustments and also includes nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Patients with a sedentary job, for example, may benefit from a routine exercise routine to support proper posture and reduce the risk for lower back pain.

"Chiropractic care is all about whole body health and what we can do to support a patient's well-being from the inside out," said Dr. Michaux. "Whether it's avoiding environmental toxins in foods or strengthening the core muscles to reduce lumbar spine compression, these seemingly small changes can have a profound impact on a patient's overall health."

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