CannaBrands Begins Supporting Local Markets With Advertising for Cheeba Cola and Other Cannabis Infused Flavors

SEATTLE, Feb. 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CannaBrands, Inc. (OTCPK:CBMJ) announced that it has begun supporting Cheeba Cola, Silly Citrus, Cheer Root Beer, Orange Frost, Giggle Fruit Punch, and Diet Cheeba Cola in the specific markets where they are available in Washington and Oregon.

The ad campaign which will create awareness of the product line and drive traffic to local retailers is being placed across multiple advertising channels including mobile, targeted display, internet, and over the air opportunities such as Radio, TV or Satellite. The ads will support the Brands that CannaBrands manages and will aid in the development of the distribution channel.

CEO of CannaBrands, Inc. Mark Schaftlein stated: "Helping to secure advertising, marketing, and promotions are one of the key values that CannaBrands is able to provide for our partners that are in the marijuana business. The landscape relating to advertisers' willingness to publicize products associated with the marijuana business is beginning to thaw. As we continue to develop relationships with various media outlets CannaBrands hopes that by bringing mainstream advertising to the industry that the awareness of the brands will continue to grow."

About CannaBrands, Inc.:

The business of CannaBrands is developing and licensing uniquely branded specialty goods targeted to cannabis consumers residing in the states where the production and consumption of cannabis infused products, such as bottled sodas, coffee beverages, baked goods and other cannabis related products are legal for persons 21 years or over. CannaBrands does not engage in the production, or sale of cannabis products but brings business acumen, compliance, and marketing to our partners that do. At CannaBrands we hold our company and our partners products to the highest standards, differentiating our brands and our organization from others in the market.

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