Your ticket to free Waffle House…with a catch

Your next Waffle House order could be on the house—that is, if you're ready to entrust your stuff to a stranger or haul someone else's things around.

The privately held restaurant chain teamed up with Roadie, a mobile app that allows people to ship things with drivers who are already going to the destination, in hopes of promoting itself as a convenient place for shippers and senders to meet.

Starting Tuesday, Waffle House is offering people who download Roadie's app a free waffle and a beverage to drivers at no charge while they are delivering. Members will also get special offers and promotions.

Waffle House
David Koslowski | Getty Images

"People use our restaurants for meeting places already...That already happens so this was kind of a natural extension to us," said Pat Warner, "vice president of culture" with Waffle House, in a phone interview.

A new entrant in the sharing economy, Roadie launched last month with $10 million in Series A funding. Fees range from $8 to $150.

Roadie's backers include Warren Stephens of financial services firm Stephens, the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, Eric Schmidt's TomorrowVentures, Guggenheim Partners' Executive Chairman Alan Schwartz, Square Co-founder Jim McKelvey and the Mellon Group.