CipherLoc Corporation Announces Today That CyberDin Security Services Has Agreed to Provide Crypto-Analysis, Encryption Evaluation and Certification Testing for CipherLoc's New Cyber Security Product

HENDERSON, Nev., Feb. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION a/k/a CipherLoc Corporation (OTCQB:NSCT), announces today that CyberDin Security Services has agreed to provide Crypto-analysis, Encryption Evaluation and Certification testing for CipherLoc's new Cyber security product that is designed for the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market. CipherLoc is the first Polymorphic Key Progression Algorithm (PKPA) Encryption Cipher Engine and it has the same characteristics as One Time Pads (OTP). CipherLoc uses Set Theoretic Estimation applied to a topological space, information theory and is based on the information content in a message rather than the difficulty of the key and is mathematically provably secure. It does not rely exclusively on large keys and complicated permutation/obscuring techniques as do current IoT security measures. CipherLoc encryption technology offers compliance with standards, protection of data from "unauthorized eyes", client control of the encryption process, application compatibility with other mission critical business applications and scalability so that it continues to work as data and encryption demands grow.

Mr. Michael DeLaGarza, CEO of CipherLoc stated, "This is a significant event in the development and commercialization of our new technology and will provide us third party Validation and Certification testing with a trusted partner. This will be one more tool in the defense against malicious hacking that has become common in today's Cloud Computing market." He went on to state that "the results of the validation will be released upon receipt."

CyberDin is a leading, international, cyber security and cyber-attacks simulations provider that specializes in cybercrime, application & network security and security products bypass. CyberDin is led by a senior team of former IDF intelligence and information security experts of the famed "8200 Unit", with decades of experience in Cyber security consulting, information risk management, research and development. CyberDin provides services for governments and national defense, Critical Infrastructure (SCADA), Credit Card companies, Banks, Insurance companies, Stock exchanges, Healthcare and others. For further information please go to

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