Turn your Big Data into real and valuable insights with Bittle

AIX EN PROVENCE CEDEX, France, Feb. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Businesses are bombarded with information. Yet, many traditional BI solutions do not match businesses new needs and the one that do are either too complex or too expensive.

How can you avoid data saturation?

Google processes 2 million search queries per minute. Walmart treats 1 million customer transactions every hour. Information is now everywhere: as clichéd as this might sounds, many businesses do not fully grasp the importance of this ongoing revolution.

We are only at the dawn of the revolution. It is not just web browsers or cookies that collect information. Wearables are increasingly collecting information as well. Smart homes will soon add their share of data.

Yet, this ocean of data remains largely unexploited and precious insights on consumer behaviors or sales simply do not get noticed. Why is it that, at a time when we are gathering more information than we ever did before, we are exploiting so little of it? Even worse, why does this amount of data seems to harm businesses more than help them?

Traditional BI tools are both too complex and expensive

The sheer size of the raw data businesses now have to deal with on a daily basis is overwhelming. Having the information at your disposal is a start, but knowing how to make sense of it is something else entirely. Businesses lack the expertise that would enable them to make sense of the data at their disposal.

Most businesses do not have the resources to hire a data scientist. And the opportunity-cost of training an employee would be too strong.

Very few businesses actually have enough computing power of their own to exploit the data. Acquiring the processing power to sort through this quantity of data would require massive investment that is out of reach for many businesses.

Bittle: an agile Business Intelligence tool made for the new century

Extracting meaningful conclusion from data is a challenge for many businesses. To make sense of this colossal quantity of data, tools are needed. These tools need to be simple to use and inexpensive. Anyone in the company should be able to get a handle on these tools without hours of training. Lastly, businesses need speedy and efficient tools. What is the point of being flooded with data on a daily basis if business cannot gain insights and adapt their strategy in real time?

That's where Bittle comes in. We carefully thought out the design of our solution in order to provide companies with the best user experience possible. Bittle is simple and intuitive to use. We made our best to make our software within the reach of anyone. By using the cloud, we harness the power of hundreds of servers. This allows us to make our prices accessible to small and medium-sized companies.


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