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Check out this bar, it’s a hoot!

From speakeasy bars to cereal and cat cafes, London, is pushing hard to become the world's metropolis for hipster cafés.

Swoop in Annie the Owl, the U.K.'s first bar that will give Londoners the chance to sip on cocktails, while having owls fly around and perch on their shoulders.

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Credit: Locappy and 'Annie the Owl' | Image of featured owl 'Annie'

Set to open for one week in March, London's Soho will see a flock of ornithologists pay £20 ($30) for entry, whereby they will be entitled to two cocktails and two hours of "unique owl indulgence."

While many of the details are still under wraps, guests can expect themed drinks including the "Owl – Presso Martini" and "The Hoot."

Due to its expected popularity, people will have to enter a lottery for a ticket. More than 35,400 people have already entered, with around 200 people signing up every 10 minutes, according to Sebastian Lyall, CEO of Locappy, a start-up app company, which is running the bar along with 'Barn Owl', a U.K. based owl conservation charity that specializes in bird welfare and educating the community.

All profits from the ticket sales and the pop-up bar will go to the charity.

The owls have been trained to interact with the public, who will be joined by professional falconers during the event.

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But surely alcohol and these feathered friends don't mix? In order to ensure the owls are looked after, the event will be a sit-down event, with the background music kept to a reasonable level. A maximum of 12 individuals will be allowed to sit around each owl.

The bar was inspired by a recent blog entry by Time Out London, which demanded that London should follow Japan's latest trend of opening up owl cafes.

The pop-up bar will be open from the 19th to the 25th March, from 8pm to 2am.

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