Why does the Obama team bash law-abiding businesses?

Everyone knows that everyone who has held the office of the President of the United States has an accepted right to use the bully pulpit as he sees fit. But it's really starting to look like this president and his overall administration reserves that bully pulpit to beat up on law-abiding American businesses and even individual citizens.

The latest target is the beef industry, which was just singled out for special mistreatment in a new report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services. The report is actually done every five years and its goal is to set and clarify nutritional guidelines for all Americans.

Beef cattle from Peine Farms in Cannon Falls, MN.
Jodi Gralnick | CNBC
Beef cattle from Peine Farms in Cannon Falls, MN.

But something funny showed up in this report. It was a special plea for consumers to eat less beef, not because some new health threat has been discovered in lean red meat, but because the reports' authors say the U.S. cattle industry damages the environment.

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We can argue whether the beef industry, which has managed not to destroy the millions of acres of grazing land in this country so far, is really a threat to the environment. We can argue whether an environmental warning even belongs in a government nutritional report.

But one thing we can't argue is whether the beef and cattle industry has a legal right to operate in the United State of America. Last time I checked, it did. It would be fine if the Obama team wanted to bash beef producers who have been caught breaking FDA laws, or cattle breeders breaking ranching regulations. There are cases like that all the time. But that's not what happened here. Just take a second and realize that what we are seeing here is this: The ruling administration in Washington is taking special time out to bad-mouth a law-abiding industry. And it's not the first time.

Just a few days ago, President Obama himself said "shame on you" to Staples when he was told the company was cutting worker hours and laying off some other employees in order to avoid the harshest costs of Obamacare. Staples made a pretty strong denial of that accusation. But even if it were true, there was nothing illegal about that practice. Gee, aren't there dozens or hundreds of companies in America getting convicted of actual crimes every day that the President could pick on? I guess not.

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This kind of behavior at the White House isn't limited to the business world. President Obama's decision to single out the millennium-old brutality committed by the Crusaders at the recent National Prayer Breakfast came off as a rebuke to today's Christians who had nothing to do with any brutality or terrorism at all.

I know crime is down overall in America, but if the President of the United States and his administration are so Hell-bent on making trouble for people, shouldn't they focus on the real law-breakers, cheats and terrorists?

Commentary by Jake Novak, supervising producer of "Power Lunch." Follow him on Twitter @jakejakeny.

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