California fueled US wine exports in 2014

Even with the headwinds of a West Coast port slowdown, which began last July, California wine continues to drive U.S. wine exports.

U.S. wine export revenue reached $1.49 billion in 2014, the second-highest level ever, according to the Wine Institute.

Grapes at vineyard
Paul Giamou | Aurora | Getty Images

Although revenue was slightly lower than last year, it is up 64 percent from where it was five years ago.

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California wine represents 90 percent of U.S. wine exports.

"Despite our strong dollar and heavily subsidized foreign competition and their high tariffs, consumers worldwide are attracted to all things California—our iconic lifestyle, scenic landscapes, great wine and food, and emphasis on environmental stewardship," said Wine Institute President and CEO Robert P. Koch.

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Who's drinking it? Here's a look at the 10 largest export markets for California wine, ranked by sales.

Top 10 export markets for California wines

Wine Export Revenues
1 European Union $518 million
2 Canada $487 million
3 Japan $88 million
4 China $71 million
5 Hong Kong $69 million
6 Mexico $24 million
7 South Korea $22.2 million
8 Nigeria $21.9 million
9 Vietnam $20 million
10 Singapore $16 million
The Wine Institute