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Nasdaq gems beyond Apple

Xilinx, SanDisk among tech gems to watch

Apple seems to be the tech stock on everyone's lips these days. But what about the other gems hidden in Apple's shadow? Kim Forrest of Fort Pitt Capital Group told CNBC's "Power Lunch " on Wednesday of her other top tech picks in the Nasdaq.

"We don't revolve around the sun anymore. Apparently we revolve around Apple," Forrest joked.


"We like it because it has stumbled recently, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the business model is broken."

Xilinx sells high-end chips used in mobile networks. Forrest said that the company does have long-term growth opportunities, particularly in auto, aero and telecom.

"It's a great company, and it's a great opportunity to buy it," she added.


One of the company's higher-margin products is in a patent fight at the moment. Forrest said that if that gets resolved this year it could be a catalyst for the stock. But it could take six to nine months before the company can sell the product again.

"That is a very long time but we are long-time owners so we like to buy low, sell high. This is a low point, we feel, for SanDisk. "


Forrest and Fort Pitt both own shares of CA. The enterprise software company rakes in about half of its revenues from the main frame, a business that Forrest said is alive and well. The company's relatively new CEO has incorporated newer selling approaches, which have been working.

"The new CEO is bringing the company into the present time from its decades-ago past," she said. "They are trying to show people they are relevant, and I think they are."

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