The best tech companies for internships

Dado Ruvic | Reuters

Listen up, college kids. If you are in the market for an internship, you may want to consider applying at a tech company.

According to Glassdoor's annual Highest Rated Companies for Internships Report, 12 out of the top 25 companies for an internship are tech companies, more than any other industry.

Which company is considered the highest rated by interns? Facebook took the top spot overall for the second year in a row.

"Their internship program is all about identifying the next generation of Facebook employees," said Scott Dobroski, associate director of communications for Glassdoor.

"Facebook has mastered getting the edge on the competition when it comes to hiring the next great talent. They know their product is nothing without great minds behind it," he said.

While Google fell slightly in the overall rankings from the second-highest rated company to the third highest, Yahoo got a boost.

Last year Yahoo ranked No. 14 overall and jumped to No. 6 on this year's list.

"Over the past few years, we have heard stories in Yahoo's earnings calls from Marissa Mayer about Yahoo reinventing themselves. So the fact that in the internship program has become even better in the eyes of their own interns, it shows they are becoming a little more aware that to compete with the Google's and Facebook's of the world they need to get the best and the brightest tech minds right out of school," Dobroski said.

Salaries for interns at the tech companies on the list range from $4,000 to $6,000 per month and are primarily for software engineering positions, Dobroski said.

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Check out the top tech companies for internships and the complete list of the 25 top companies below.

12 tech companies among top 25, more than any other industry:

1. Facebook (No. 1 overall, 4.6 company rating)

2. Google (3, 4.6)

3. eBay (5, 4.5)

4. Yahoo (6, 4.5)

5. Epic (7, 4.4)

6. Apple (11, 4.4)

7. Microsoft (13, 4.3)

8. Intel (14, 4.3)

9. Qualcomm (16, 4.2)

10. National Instruments (18, 4.2)

11. HP (24, 4.1)

12. Broadcom (25, 4.1)

25 Highest Rated Companies for Internships

1. Facebook

2. Chevron

3. Google

4. Quicken Loans

5. ebay

6. Yahoo!

7. Epic

8. Schlumberger

9. NBCUniversal

10. BCG

11. Apple

12. StateFarm

13. Microsoft

14. Intel

15. The Walt Disney Co.

16. Qualcomm

17. ExxonMobile

18. National Instruments

19. Morgan Stanley

20. P&G

21. Cummins

22. Liberty Mutual

23. Pepsico

24. HP

25. Broadcom