Photo Release -- REACH Air Medical Services Completes 100,000 Successful Patient Transports

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Feb. 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- REACH Air Medical Services announces the achievement of 100,000 successful patient transports by their combined air and ground ambulance programs: REACH, Cal-Ore Life Flight, Methodist AirCare, and Woman's AirCare. This family of providers serves an extensive range of communities across California, Oregon and Texas and is the largest provider of services in the Western United States.

REACH Air Medical Services has successfully transported more than 100,000 patients since opening their first base in Santa Rosa, CA in 1987.

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Sean Russell, President of REACH, shares the greater significance behind the number, the motivation that makes such an accomplishment possible. "REACH is often referred to as an air ambulance company, or a helicopter or transport company, but philosophically we've always viewed ourselves as a healthcare company. It's not about the mode of transport or the flight tally; it's about 'the souls on board'. That's what makes a number like 100,000 so meaningful," he states. "It represents lives we've touched. And really, when you consider each patient's family members and loved ones, the number is much greater."

Mr. Russell provides a frame of reference for the 100,000 flight mark. "Based on our annual transport volume," he explains, "if we were still a one-base company it would have taken us about 200 years to make 100,000 flights."

Vice President of Aviation Operations Vicky Spediacci, an accomplished pilot with more than 8,000 flight hours, has a thorough understanding of the requirements needed to accomplish 100,000 flights. "Our pilots average between 100 and 150 transports per year," she says. "REACH has individual pilots with two and three thousand patient transports under their belts, which you don't often find in this industry. So to complete 100,000 flights—you can imagine the time and dedication that requires."

REACH was founded in 1987 by Dr. John L. McDonald, a man who felt that if a company made its mission to "always do what is right for the patient", it would succeed. REACH has done just that, growing from a single helicopter in Santa Rosa to a fleet of 17 helicopters, 9 airplanes and 10 ground ambulances at over 20 bases in three states.

REACH looks forward to touching more lives by carrying the original vision forward, with each employee committed to serving the patients and the communities in which they live and work.

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REACH Medical Holdings, LLC, headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, operates REACH Air Medical Services and Cal-Ore Life Flight providing critical care air and ground transport service to communities throughout California, Oregon and Southern Texas. The company employs hundreds of highly-trained nurses, medics, pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians to provide service to patients with an extensive fleet of medically equipped helicopters, airplanes, and ground ambulances. REACH and Cal-Ore Life Flight are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS), which is the gold standard for patient care and safety for air medical transport services. For more information, visit

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REACH Air Medical Services is part of AirMedCare Network, the largest air medical transport membership program in the United States. AirMedCare Network provides emergency access to the highest level of care for its 1.6 million members, combining the membership programs of many leading air ambulance operators in 28 states from more than 220 air transport locations. For more information about membership, visit

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