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America's favorite fast food and fast casual restaurants

Papa Murphy's Steak Delight pizza.

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Restaurant winners and losers

The restaurant industry is known for being fiercely competitive. So which quick-service restaurants are winning at turning customers into loyal ones?

Market Force Information is out with a new set of restaurant rankings culled from responses of more than 12,700 people. They are based on a composite loyalty index that measures satisfaction with the restaurant experience and likelihood of recommending the brand.

Why does this matter?

"Because they're highly loyal, they're more likely to advocate for your brand," said Market Force's chief strategy officer, Cheryl Flink. "A very high percentage look at reviews to see what consumers are saying about their experience."

Shown here is a steak pizza from Papa Murphy's, which earned the highest composite loyalty score in the pizza category.

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—By Katie Little
Posted 27 Feb. 2015

Source: Papa Murphy's