Domino's Pizza to launch smartwatch ordering

Your next pizza may be just a few swipes away.

Starting Monday, Domino's Pizza customers can place orders straight from their Pebble and Android Wear smartwatches. They will also be able to track orders on Android watches, joining Pebble owners who could track them since late last year.  

Source: Domino's

This marks the latest move to boost digital ordering at Domino's.

"We really think of ourselves in a lot of ways as a tech company—we're almost an e-commerce company that sells pizza," said Dennis Maloney, vice president of multimedia marketing at Domino's, in a phone interview.

To use the service, customers must have a Domino's app on their smartwatch along with a saved or recent order on their profile. 

Digital orders are vitally important for Domino's because they result in higher checkouts and customer satisfaction.  

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"Digital orders are more profitable and get a better product mix," said Maloney, adding that customers are able to see a wider selection of available products than when they merely call up their local Domino's to order.

To date, no major restaurant chain has launched its own platform for smartwatch ordering, said Aaron Allen, global restaurant consultant with Aaron Allen & Associates, in a phone interview.  

"That could be one of the next boom areas of develop and a big opportunity for restaurants to jump on," said Allen, adding that it has the potential to be "a multibillion-dollar segment."

Domino's: Tech to table clearly working
Domino's: Tech to table clearly working

Restaurant technology applications are growing quickly as more companies launch online and mobile ordering and payment options. 

"One thing you can never do too much of in business in general is to make it too easy to buy from you," Allen said.

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Perhaps no segment has seen a bigger boost in digital ordering than the pizza players. Indeed, half of Domino's sales now occur via digital, with half of that from mobile. 

Domino's Maloney declined to share what future tech innovations the chain had up its sleeve, but did allude to more things in the pipeline. 

"We are determined we are going to be the leaders in the space," he said. "There is more to come in this area."