Hamm: My big fat divorce check 'got the job done'

Divorce... check got the job done: Harold Hamm
Divorce... check got the job done: Harold Hamm

Oil tycoon Harold Hamm told CNBC on Friday his nearly $1 billion check to ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall helped put his divorce "in the rearview mirror."

"That became a famous check. But it got the job done," the founder of Continental Resources said in a "Squawk Box" interview.

Arnall, Hamm's wife of 26 years and a former Continental executive, had originally rejected his $974.8 million check, but she did cash it last month.

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Harold Hamm and his wife Sue Ann Hamm, in April, 2012
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"It laid around for a week or so," said Hamm.

He didn't get into any details, beyond saying, "That's in the rearview mirror, moving on."

However, an attorney representing Arnall had a slightly different take.

"Both parties have appealed the District Court's rulings, and that appeal is still pending. Mr. Hamm may hope that the 'job is done,' but the Oklahoma Supreme Court, not Mr. Hamm, will determine when this matter is concluded," the attorney said.

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Arnall's appeal of the judge's ruling says the amount was insufficient. While Hamm's attorneys claim that by cashing the check she nullifies her appeal, her attorneys are pressing ahead. Hamm's attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss her appeal but there has been no ruling yet on their motion.

Hamm is also appealing the judgment, claiming the amount was too high. If he is successful, he could claw back a portion of the above check.

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