Meet the man who beats the market without fail

Aviva France's head office in Paris.

In one of the most astounding situations in the financial world, Max-Herve George has a way to invest with 20-20 hindsight.

The 25-year-old French citizen living in Switzerland owns a life insurance contract through Aviva France that allows him to buy into investment funds at week-old prices, the Financial Times reports.

The Fixed Price Arbitrage Life Insurance Contract was agreed to by a company that evolved into Aviva France. The plans, once not uncommon in France, were sometimes offered to wealthier clients in an era when instantly looking up an asset's performance and then placing an order were not quick tasks, the FT said. As firms began to appreciate the danger of these deals, they were able to entice most clients to take cheap buyouts in exchange for different plans, it said. George has been fighting Aviva's bid to end the arrangement.

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George's father bought policies for the family in 1997, depositing 50,000 French francs (almost 8,000 euros or $8,900) for his son. After switching money to the best fund every week, George has now amassed a huge fortune: A 2007 report valued the family's investments at about 21 million euros, with 1.4 million euros belonging to Max-Herve alone, the FT reported.

Assuming a constant rate of growth, the publication estimated that George's fortune could be near €93 million.

Aviva France is working to have the policy changed in court, telling the FT in a statement that "Aviva France strongly contests this compensation claim and believes that the Court will rule against the speculative and excessive compensation levels being sought."

George told the FT: "With 64 decisions in favor the jurisprudence is a reality. ... After everything I just want to go for the maximum of justice. I don't want money, I just want my contract."

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