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The bloody battle between two must-own stocks

Cramer: WWAV & MNST can still be bought

How the heck could it be possible that two stocks so completely different could be so much alike in growth trajectories? Jim Cramer took a deep dive into the growth between the natural, organic food company WhiteWave Foods, and totally inorganic company Monster Beverage.

"Both are ragers, just selling product like crazy, and even after their enormous moves, both are still must-own stocks, either on an earnings or takeover basis," said the "Mad Money" host.

WhiteWave reported a few weeks ago, and while it appeared to have an in-line quarter, that was only because it had to significantly ramp up factories to meet the demand for plant-based beverages. The demand for things like almond and soy milk has skyrocketed in the U.S., up 21 percent.

"Can you see a bidding war between Danone and General Mills come May when the tax consequences of such an acquisition turn favorable? Count me in," Cramer added.

A variety of Monster Energy drinks are shown in Washington.
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On the flip side, Monster Beverage tore up its numbers with 11.3 percent growth in convenience stores. Now, Monster matches Red Bull's market share of 34.8 percent of the market. Even Coca-Cola is looking to up its stake in Monster to 16.7 percent.

"It's a remarkable story, you just have to deal with the notion that Monster can co-exist, growth-wise, at least, in your mind with WhiteWave."

So while sales for Monster may have been healthy, its drinks may not. And in an environment where the old dog food companies are racing to put anything that denotes being "natural" on its food labels, Monster doesn't even pretend to do the same. It's probably closer to being branded in the fireworks industry than beverage industry.

Regardless, Cramer is still lapping up what these two stocks are spilling. Both of these stocks have made monstrous moves lately, and Cramer thinks it's not too late to jump in and snap them up.

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So the next time Greece or China put a dent into the market—remember that these two stocks will still go higher.

"They may not share the same culture or the same customers, but they share rising revenues and profits, so count me in for this explosive cocktail of better and faster living from plants and chemicals," said Cramer.

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