Importance of Pet Dental Health

YARMOUTH, Maine, March 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many pet owners are unaware of the ways in which their pet can benefit from proper dental care. Cats and dogs require regular dental cleanings and screenings, just like people. They can get these treatments from their general veterinarian, or from a specialist. Pet dental care is critical to the health, safety and happiness of your pet.

Dental Care Prevents Painful Dental Conditions

Unhealthy teeth and gums can be just as painful for pets as they can be for humans. The only difference is, your pet won't be able to tell you if he or she is in pain. The following symptoms will tell if your pet has a painful dental problem:

  • Your pet refuses to chew on his or her chew toys.
  • Your pet eats less than he or she used to.
  • Your pet won't engage in activities like "tug of war" or "fetch" anymore.

If your pet displays any of these symptoms, it could be the result of a painful condition like an impacted tooth or a cavity. To prevent these painful conditions, take your pet in for regular dental treatments.

Dental Care Improves Pet/Owner Relationships

Pets that don't get the right kind of dental care may get bad breath--very bad breath. While your pet may not notice the effect that bad breath has on his or her life, you certainly will. You may find that you no longer want your pet to lick your face or nuzzle you.

In fact, you may not even want your pet to breathe near you. Keeping your pet at a distance because of your pet's bad breath can have a negative impact on your relationship with your pet. To prevent this from occurring, take your pet in for regular dental cleanings.

Dental Care Prevents Diseases

Just like with humans, pets with poor oral health may be susceptible to a variety of other diseases that seem to have nothing to do with oral hygiene. Pets who have unhealthy mouth and gums may be more vulnerable to heart, liver and kidney disease.

Take care of your pet's oral hygiene before it has a negative impact on your pet's happiness and health. If you are a pet owner in the Yarmouth, Cumberland, Brunswick, Portland, Falmouth, Freeport or Pownal areas, contact Yarmouth Veterinary Center today for an appointment. We offer full pet teeth cleaning services. In addition, our trained veterinarians can tell you how you can take care of your pet's teeth at home, to prevent the need for costly dental procedures in the future.

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