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Killer investment: 'Walking Dead' town for sale on eBay

Danai Gurira plays Michonne on The Walking Dead.
Source: AMC

Look alive: a town featured on AMC's "The Walking Dead" could be yours.

Jim Sells, the former mayor of Grantville, Georgia, is selling nine buildings in the town's downtown on eBay for $680,000.

The town appeared in Season 3 of the critically acclaimed show and has gotten a lot of attention since.

"Our main industry right now is 'Walking Dead' tourists," Sells told USA Today. "We have people coming from all over the world because of 'The Walking Dead.' That's paying the bills downtown."

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The annual property tax for the 34,000 square feet of real estate is $4,524, according to the eBay listing, and the new owner would receive $6,500 a month in rentals right out of the gate.

Films like "Lawless," "Broken Bridges" and "Dumb and Dumber To" were also shot in the small town. Sells anticipates that more films will be coming to area, guaranteeing more income for the new proprietor.

Read the full listing on eBay.