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Cramer's 6 worries that could turn to disaster

Cramer's cold spots in the market
Cramer's cold spots in the market

What a change in attitude! Jim Cramer is daunted by the huge swing of the averages on Tuesday, as the tune of the market changed from being rosy sunshine and to skeptical of what is going right.

"We take the rose-colored glasses off, and we see some chinks in the market, chinks that need to be stopped before they become actual fault lines, if not sinkholes that trap the bulls and crush them," the "Mad Money" host said.

So Cramer outlined the six things that currently worry him in the market—issues that need to be fixed before they become larger problems.

The first was retail and restaurants, which have been roaring recently, thanks to lower oil prices. But what if people stop shopping and going out to eat? He has certainly seen a slowdown in restaurants recently.

"The whole country is frozen over, and it's making all of us huddle by the television, binging when we should be spending. Maybe Netflix and Amazon are the only real winners here," Cramer said.

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Essentially, it's just too darned cold out, and Cramer wonders if the February numbers will be impacted by the fact that people aren't venturing out into the frost.

The second negative is car sales. Besides General Motors, Cramer didn't find anything exciting. Cars aren't like sweaters, they have to be sold. Now that Wells Fargo has backed away from the subprime market, Cramer worries that there will not be financing available for some people who need to purchase a new car.

Or how about housing? Cramer is just as worried about the fact that he has been watching homebuilding stocks go downhill slowly for the month of February. He worries about the ripple effect that will occur in the economy because of housing and autos.

The fourth negative is the personal computer and tablet cohort. Between Best Buy stating that tablets suffered a "material decline," combined with the horrendous numbers from Hewlett-Packard last week, Cramer can clearly see there is something wrong in the PC tablet world.

Fifth, Cramer is really afraid of what is happening in China. Macau casinos are down 49 percent year over year, and Alibaba is now below its IPO price. China is no longer contributing to global growth, and that is a scary concept.

And the last worry is of course, oil. Cramer took a contrarian position on the topic; although most commentators want the oil prices to stabilize and rise, he wants them to keep going down.

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"We've seen a host of equity deals that show me the oil and gas companies aren't nearly as troubled as many thought, but we do want to see gasoline at $2 a gallon nationwide, or we lose a key prop to the nascent recovery," he added.

Cramer wants real growth, not Fed-induced growth. And that means that gasoline has to stay lower.

So, after a giant run in the market, Cramer has become skeptical. These issues are small enough currently, but each could grow into a big problem if not addressed soon. That could mean a rocky road ahead.

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