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Drunk? This app stops you losing your stuff


Ever gotten so drunk that you've left your bag behind in a bar? Well one entrepreneur has made an app that warns you before it's gone for good.

Linquet is a tiny plastic device that clips onto any item and works via GPS to send notifications to a smartphone. If you are walking out of bar without your bag, the Linquet app will send a message to your phone, hopefully prompting you to run back inside and retrieve your valuables.

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Credit: CNBC (Arjun Kharpal)

Users are able to set the range at which they want the app to send them a notification. So it may be 30 meters away from a bag, but 50 meters away for a dog.

The Canadian founder, Pooya Kazerouni, said that he wants his app to help people use their time more effectively.

"The reason I work is that an average person wastes 10 to 15 minutes a day looking for their stuff. We do what we do so other people can write symphonies, cure cancer and put a man on Mars," Kazerouni told CNBC in an interview.

The app started in 2011 and has since received one round of funding. However, Kazerouni did not name any investors or how much was raised. He added there would be another "large round" of funding in the coming months, but did not disclose the amount the company was looking for.

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As well as notifications, Linquet also allows users to track their items on a map.

"If you left something behind and can't hear the alarm because you're drunk, it shows you where you left your laptop. It works on GPS and is very accurate," Kazerouni said.

The app is free to download but works on a subscription service. For $2.50 a month, a customer can get one Linquet tag for use by one person; at $8.50 customers receive four Linquet tags that can be used by two people; and for $16.50, you get 10 Linquet tags for use by five people.

Users can also assign "trusted friends" - people they assign in their profiles - who are notified when one of your items is left behind. The friend can then retrieve the item for you as location details will be sent to them via the app.

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