Diet Doc Compares Alli for Weight Loss to Their Prescription Medical Diet Plans

LOS ANGELES, March 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Because of alleged tampering and purity issues, the manufacturers of non-prescription Alli for weight loss responsibly recalled their product. While the potentially dangerous issues seem to have been resolved, Diet Doc questions the effectiveness and safety of Alli for weight loss.

Alli for weight loss is promoted to inhibit certain enzymes within the digestive tract intended to digest fat, but is never actually absorbed into the blood stream and remains in the GI tract. If the body does not digest or absorb fat, it should lead to weight loss. However, Diet Doc knows that the total absence of fat can present significant problems.

  • Since the chemical is never absorbed, it does not have the potential to affect the body's chemistry. Nothing really changes. Hunger, appetite, eating behavior or metabolism remain unchanged.
  • Alli for weight loss prohibits the body from absorbing all fats, including fat soluble Vitamins A, D and K, which are important to good health, as well as healthy and safe weight loss. The body's inability to digest these essential fat soluble vitamins can result in dangerous vitamin deficiency.
  • Many patients find themselves with a situation referred to as anal leakage. This happens because fat is not digested or absorbed into the body, merely residing in the GI tract, producing a fatty, oily stool.

Diet Doc has formulated a new and innovative weight loss product which addresses a number of eating disorders and weight loss conditions. Metabolism Boost is available to qualified patients after an initial consultation with one of the company's specially trained doctors. Three very important ingredients in Metabolism Boost work in collaboration to effect natural, safe and fast weight loss without side effects.

  • Metformin - Improves insulin sensitivity on receptors while inhibiting the liver's ability to manufacture new blood sugar, decreasing intestinal absorption. Blood sugar levels are decreased and abdominal fat tissue is exposed to lower levels of insulin resulting in lower energy uptake by abdominal fat, reducing abdominal fat mass.
  • Bupropion - Originally developed by pharmaceutical companies as a prescription smoking cessation drug and has recently been used to elevate and stabilize mood and eliminate food cravings.
  • L-Carnitine – A natural amino acid critically involved with the body's metabolism of fat. By transporting long-chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane within cells, fat is transformed as the body's primary energy source.

Losing weight naturally, safely and rapidly is as easy as calling Diet Doc or logging onto to complete a health questionnaire and schedule a doctor consultation. Using their own algorithm, Diet Doc works closely with their patients to create diet plans that are compatible to each patient's age, gender, lifestyle, food preferences, medical conditions and nutritional needs.

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