New Supplement Line from Nutrabolt Corp Gives Men the Essentials to 'Be Cavalier'

NEW YORK, March 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nutrabolt Corp, the innovator behind multiple sports nutrition brands, has released a premium line of supplements titled, Cavalier. Cavalier will be sold exclusively through GNC retailers, and it is available in stores and online today.

"Cavalier is an all-encompassing premium supplement line for the modern, sophisticated male. The line focuses on the essentials needed for men to feel vigorous in many aspects of their lives," commented Luke Hubbard, Nutrabolt Corp's Senior VP of Sales.

Cavalier encourages men to pursue a healthier mind and body for a better quality of life. Cavalier has a five-product lineup, which includes Daily Cognitive & Stress Support, Daily Joint Health Support, Daily Testosterone Support, Daily Prostate Support and Daily Sexual Health Support. Gentlemen can take each supplement separately, or in conjunction with other Cavalier products.

Cavalier products are packaged in glass bottles crowned with cork caps. The packaging, Hubbard assures, is a representation of its customers. "Cavalier is custom tailored for refined gentlemen who expect the best. The packaging exudes that exceptional quality and sophistication embodied by our customers. The outside sets the perfect tone for what's on the inside," continued Hubbard.

About Cavalier

Cavalier is a premium line of dietary supplements built to support the rigors of every day life. It is inspired by and made for gentlemen who want to look and feel their best at every age. Be Cavalier—visit the brand's website,, and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

CONTACT: Renee Contrastano reneec@nutraboltcorp.comSource: Nutrabolt Brands Worldwide (Cellucor/Neon Sport/Royal Sport)