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Edible pot ice cream? Ben & Jerry's speaks out

Although cannabis-flavored Ben & Jerry's "makes sense" to the ice cream's co-founder, don't expect pints to hit shelves anytime soon.

Fans lit up social media about the possibility after co-founder Ben Cohen told the Huffington Post a cannabis edibles flavor where it is legal "makes sense to me—combine your pleasures."

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Fellow co-founder Jerry Greenfield echoed the enthusiasm, saying, "It's not my decision. If it were my decision, I'd be doing it. Fortunately, we have wiser heads at the company that figure those things out."

As of now, these "wiser heads" have no such plans.

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Kelly Mohr, Ben & Jerry's manager of PR shenanigans (yes, that's her title), quashed the idea in an email to CNBC.

"The truth is there's nothing going on from this end, discussion nor development, in regards to a cannabis concoction," she wrote. "We have our hands full with our new Cookie Cores flavors, our new Tonight Dough flavor with Jimmy Fallon, and our upcoming climate activism tour."

Cannabis enthusiasts will have to settle for ice cream weed innuendo—Hazed & Confused and Half Baked are still available—or head to Colorado to craft their own concoction.