DutyFreeZone.com Invites Anyone to Sell Their Products Online and Reach Domestic and International Buyers

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DutyFreeZone.com is not a traditional E-commerce company. It operates an "open marketplace" that connects worldwide buyers with sellers.

It has created an E-Commerce platform to compete against competitors, such as B2B web sites in Asia, which helps businesses of all sizes worldwide reach consumers and importers. It does not sell anything directly and does not own any warehouses.

With DutyFreeZone.com, you can also sell to consumers the same way as its American E-Commerce counterpart; it is a perfect hybrid business model. B2B - B2C

DutyFreeZone.com is also joining the food and luxury businesses with the simultaneous launches of DutyFreeFood.com, an open B2B platform for the food industry and soon PIMM.COM, an open B2B platform for the luxury industry. PIMM stands for" Premier International Merchandise Mart."

DutyFreeZone.com will make sure to block the uploading of any fake merchandise, unlike the Asiatic competitors who do not care about that at all.

Angel David, DutyFreeZone.com's Vice President of Operations, said that the company is all about "Building a business or selling a few products on DutyFreeZone.com's open, worldwide marketplace, listing products in more than 150 categories, and being seen by buyers in 200 countries. With DutyFreeZone.com, you can sell your products to consumers or importers and make money immediately."

Import duties will be calculated automatically and DutyFreeZone.com will encourage its community to do business in countries with free trade agreements in place.

For example, many American companies do not know that they can export directly to Mexico and Canada without paying any import duties, because a free trade agreement stands between those countries.

DutyFreeZone.com will list the countries enjoying free trade agreements to facilitate international trade.

How Does Selling on Duty Free Zone Work?

You upload your products free of charge and sell them to consumers. Whether the transactions are B2C (Business to Customer) or B2B (Business to Business), your products will be added to the DutyFreeZone.com catalog using our feeds, spreadsheets, and other tools; it is easy and simple to do.

International buyers around the world can see your products on DutyFreeZone.com's B2B (Business to Business) site, which has features like DFZ-Click, a brand millions trust. DutyFreeZone.com helps buyers make quick, easy, worry-free purchases.

Ship products to customers and get paid -- two options available

DutyFreeZone.com notifies you when customers place an order. You can use a third party fulfillment or handle shipping yourself.

Get paid by Duty Free Zone

Duty Free Zone transfers payments to you if you wish to use our payment gateway. Once you have shipped the order, Duty Free Zone deposits the payment into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you when your payment has been sent.

Get paid directly by your customer.

You can get paid directly by your customer, minus a small fee charged to you by DutyFreeZone.com.

DutyFreeZone.com is an American company that does not charge any membership fees to accommodate its members. We expect to have 100 million users by the end of 2015, and the Duty Free Zone community of businesspeople will by then have generated billions of dollars in sales.

CONTACT: DutyFreeZone.com 401 East Las Olas Blvd Suite 1400 Fort Lauderdale Fl 33301 TEL 954 - 2788765 WWW.DUTYFREEZONE.COM WWW.DUTYFREEFOOD.COM WWW.PIMM.COM

Source:Duty Free Zone, Inc.