Grundfos Offers Complete Guide to Wastewater Mixing

Bjerringbro, Denmark, March 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Practical and technical tips on installation and use of flow mixers, and recommendations for the design of wastewater mixing systems

"Design Recommendations for Mixing," a new 65-page handbook from Grundfos, provides a comprehensive guide to wastewater mixing. It includes tips on how to best design mixing in wastewater systems to maximize efficiency.

"We believe this handbook is unique," says Per Krøyer Kristensen of Grundfos, who helped compile the book. "We've seen literature that covers the technical side of mixing, such as hydraulics and rheology theory, and then other literature that covers application issues. This book does both."

The handbook's approach makes it useful for technically-minded consultants and engineers, as well as staff and service personnel at wastewater utilities.
"Grundfos is all about moving liquids," he says. "We have the hands-on experience of working with mixers, but we have also done a lot of technical research and development, using computer simulations. In general, we feel we have strong competencies when it comes to hydraulics."

Proper installation, tank design is key

Proper installation is key to getting the best performance out of a mixer, Kristensen says. "These machines need careful positioning to work properly and achieve maximum effectiveness. A poorly-installed mixer may use more energy than it should, and it may not deliver the flow its buyers expect. In the worst-case scenario, an incorrectly installed machine could break down."

Design of the wastewater tank itself is also important. "Since the geometry of the tank works together with the equipment to create maximum effectiveness, a good tank layout is the first step towards effective mixing. We hope the handbook will help readers understand the total context of wastewater mixing, and to have a holistic view of how the tank and the equipment work together," Kristensen says.

During 2015, Grundfos is planning to offer its customers access to an eTraining platform relating to the handbook.

The handbook can be obtained in paper form by contacting any regional Grundfos office. For a pdf version, contact

Contact: Jenny Ritt, (+46) 73 415 43 81

Image from book: Illustrations using Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) help to show how different tank layouts or mixer positions affect tank flow. Source: Grundfos

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