Apple Watch won’t move the needle: Analyst

Apple sales to watch
Apple sales to watch

While many investors remain bullish on Apple as it nears the launch of its smartwatch, one analyst remains bearish.

"I think [the Apple Watch] is a really interesting product. It's just that Apple has so much revenue at this point that it'll be hard for a new product to really move the needle," Sherri Scribner, senior technology analyst at Deutsche Bank, told CNBC's "" on Thursday.

"IPhone is about 60 percent of revenue it [has] more profitability, and the watch is going to be a slow-ramping product," Scribner added, saying she expects Apple Watch sales to reach about 25 percent of iPhone sales by 2018, "which is great for most companies, but for Apple it's still less than 10 percent."

The tech giant is scheduled to release the Apple Watch next month. Its stock was down about 1.7 percent midday Thursday.

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Apple posted 2014 fourth-quarter revenue of $74.6 billion on earnings per share of $3.06. It also has the largest market cap in the U.S.

There is also much uncertainty surrounding the watch, Scribner said. "Nobody knows how successful this product will be. It could be very successful or it could be a blockbuster," she said.

Scribner added she does not believe Apple Pay will move the needle as well. "The economics in the transaction market is that the banks make the most money. So, it's great for profitability because it's probably 100 percent profitable, but in terms of revenue, I still think it's small," she said.