Dollar-euro parity a matter of when not if: Strategist

Dollar/euro parity matter of when, not if: Strategist

Parity between the dollar and euro is likely "a matter of when not if," a strategist told CNBC on Thursday.

Sameer Samana of Wells Fargo said on "Squawk on the Street" that it would depend on quantitative easing in Europe and economic data in the U.S.

"The economic surprises in Europe have been getting a little bit better and the ones in the U.S. are getting a little more negative so I would say appreciation probably starts to happen at a much-slower pace," he said. "Parity is probably only a matter of when not if."

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Meanwhile, Ward McCarthy, Jefferies chief financial economist, expects money to flow to the U.S.

"Investors who sell bonds to the ECB are going to look for some place to put their money," he also said on "Squawk on the Street."

"The dollar should strengthen and the U.S. bond market continues to be high yield, so I think expectations are a lot of this money will find its way over here and I think that is exactly what's going to happen."

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Samana recommends investors stay in stocks with diversified portfolios.

"Going forward it looks like Europe has the chance to actually surprise to the upside."