Diet Doc Announces New Concern for Over the Counter Diet Products Advertised as Safe and Natural

LOS ANGELES, March 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The internet has uncovered a tremendously profitable market for the weight loss industry. One quick click of the computer mouse connects dieters to countless sites and allows easy access to over the counter diet products. And, while there are many reputable weight loss companies throughout the country, there are also companies that prey on those who are desperate to lose dangerous and embarrassing excess fat.

More and more deceptive ads can be found that advertise diet pills, creams, gimmicks, gadgets and prescription diet products made available without a doctor prescription. The cold, hard truth is that many of these advertisements are aimed merely at defrauding consumers with over the counter diet products that simply do not work, may contain dangerous, sometimes illegal, undisclosed ingredients and attempt to convince consumers that their prescription diet products can be obtained safely, easily and legally without a prescription. Purchasing prescription products via the internet without a valid doctor prescription is not legal, is not safe and is not normal.

Many people mistakenly equate the word "natural" with "safe", however, many natural products contain ingredients that can cause negative side effects and are not safe for everyone. For this reason, dieters are encouraged, now more than ever, to consult with a professional weight loss doctor prior to risking their money and their health by purchasing over the counter diet products, especially those that are generally dispensed by prescription only.

Fortunately for Diet Doc patients, the company's diet plans include doctor consultations that enable their specially trained doctors to determine which diet products will, not only promote fast weight loss, but that are safe and compatible with medical conditions or prescription medications. Their diet plans are all-inclusive and include customized meal and snack plans, weekly monitoring to ensure the safety and success of each client, prescription and non-prescription diet products that are natural, safe and effective in targeting, attacking and flushing stored fat from the system without side effects, as well as unlimited access to the team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches.

Diet Doc's ongoing research and development continues to help their patients over the initial weight loss hurdles without hunger, carbohydrate cravings or loss of energy during dieting. Their prescription diet products include pure hormone diet treatments, powerful fat burners, diet pills, appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters, all manufactured in FDA approved, fully licensed pharmacies right here in the U.S.

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