Polaris Office Exceeds the 10 Million User milestone

IRVINE, Calif., March 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infraware Inc. first launched their free mobile office application Polaris Office, in March of 2014. Within 8 months, (December 2014) Polaris Office exceeded 10 Million registered users. Readers may find an infographic outlining this information on our blog here.

Currently Polaris Office's user base is approximately 14 million strong and spans over 240 countries, with the US and the South Korea leading in greatest number of users per country. Additionally as Polaris Office grew in users, they grew in compatibility as well. Polaris Office is now available on 6 different platforms, Android, iOS, FireOS (Amazon Devices), Mac, Windows, and a Browser based application. Considering how Polaris Office is one of the few office programs that allow multiple device synchronization, having multiple platform compatibility is an absolute necessity.

From its humble beginnings, this simple office application evolved beyond something more than just an app to create and edit Microsoft Office documents. Polaris Office has become a dynamic tool for document and file management as well as an invaluable resource for sharing and collaboration.

Over the past year, Polaris Office has added more than 220 features like pen annotations, templates, auto recovery and remembering last viewed pages to make the lives of users easier. These changes and developments were implemented as a response to user suggestions and feedback.

Polaris Office is constantly looking for ways to improve the application for the sake of the user, which is why they also recently added the ability to export files as PDFs, and search for keyword occurrences within the contents of different documents, including PDFs.

Polaris Office and their various support and development teams have fought long and hard to earn every user that they have to date. Polaris Office makes a conscious and consistent effort to communicate with their users to not only address their issues and concerns in a timely manner, but also to improve the quality of the product. Whether it is through customer support emails, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play, the Polaris Office team is always ready to respond to users, even if it's to say thanks for a compliment.

CONTACT: jonathan@infrawareglobal.comSource:Infraware Inc.