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Indra Nooyi: The secret to Pepsi's innovation

PepsiCo CEO: Our board forces us to think ahead

As this week kicks off the 10th anniversary of "Mad Money," Jim Cramer reached out to the CEOs of some of the best run companies around the globe. Those are the companies that investors would have made a killing on as they held the stock over the years.

Indra Nooyi serves as the CEO of PepsiCo, which runs both a strong beverage division and Frito-Lay snack arm. Cramer has watched Nooyi guide the company through various transformations over the years, including taking a junk-food business and introducing more delicious, healthy snacks.

"No wonder she's been putting up fabulous numbers for years while buying back lots of stock and paying you a hefty dividend," Cramer said.

PepsiCo recently announced a strong quarter, leading its stock to shoot above the $100 mark. And while it is now trading below that level, Cramer thinks this decline is absolutely ridiculous.

Could this be the perfect entry time for a solid blue-chip stock?

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo.
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"I think the reason why PepsiCo has delivered so well is because we have a history of being very adaptable," Nooyi said. "We have changed the company when we needed to in anticipation of megatrends. We have had the courage to make all the right moves, and we have delivered."

Cramer asked the CEO if perhaps her unique perspective as a female CEO who was raised outside of the United States has allowed her to see trends differently than a traditional white,male CEO.

"I don't know if the anticipation of trends has anything to do with gender, ethnicity or nationality. I think it's just that PepsiCo as a company has had a history of strategic acuity. As a company we have always anticipated megatrends and skated towards those trends, and then tried to proactively shape the portfolio," Nooyi responded.

However, she did state that growing up outside the U.S. did provide benefit to PepsiCo, as she offered a broader understanding of the world and used that to make a case for change within the company.

"In my case, I benefited because I grew up outside of the United States; I understand exactly how the world works, and I could see the world through the eyes of people from outside the United States," she said.

The CEO clarified the importance of being grounded as a CEO. She added that her mother, her husband and her kids all make sure to keep her based in reality as a grounded individual.

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"I think it's important that every CEO remains grounded. We are not royalty, we are not big shots. We might think we are, but we are not. If we want to have a family, if we want to have a life outside the office, we have to understand that we are people," Nooyi said.

So where will Nooyi take the company going forward? She confirmed the importance of maintaining the snack and beverage portions of the company in one unit.

"For a company like PepsiCo to sustain its growth, we don't swing the pendulum one way or the other," Nooyi said. "You offer the entire range of products."

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