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Portable keyboards: Convenience at hand

Unboxing the ZAGG pocket

A portable keyboard may provide consumers with a more convenient approach to technology. The newest mobile accessory for Apple products, the ZAGG Pocket keyboard is scheduled to be released this week.

Measuring 9 inches long by 2.5 inches wide when folded, this portable device is designed to be easy to carry along with your mobile phone or tablet. It is compatible with phablets, smartphones and tablets through a Bluetooth connection.

According to ZDNet, the pocket keyboard is unfolded horizontally, which is different than other folding keyboards. However, James Kendrick from the news site also discusses an inconvenient aspect with the keyboard.

"One design choice that ZAGG made with the Pocket keyboard is to omit a row of keys for controlling either iOS or Android. ... The keyboard is small, so it's understandable that an additional row of keys for such controls is omitted. It would have been worth it for the Pocket keyboard to be slightly bigger to add a row of control keys," he said.

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