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The winner of Apple's big event? Denny's

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

It's become a social media tradition: On days Apple reveals its newest products to the world, brands attempt to get in on—hijack? —the action by employing real-time marketing teams to live-tweet in hopes of shining light on their own products.

While Apple dominated the trends sections across Twitter and Facebook on Monday, it was a tweet from chain restaurant Denny's that got social media users salivating.

After the tech giant unveiled a new lighter MacBook laptop, touting just how thin the device has gotten by comparing it to an older model, @DennysDiner sent out a photo showcasing its "thickest pancake yet." The graphic listed the pancake as 25.4 millimeters, or 1 inch, thick.

The tweet quickly went viral, picking up more than 4,500 retweets and favorites in about an hour. To put that type of engagement into context, Apple's most popular tweet during the event—a reveal of its new laptop—picked up just 2,700 retweets and favorites.

"Kudos to Denny's for this one," tweeted follower @RobbieAb. Twitter user @PhoenixFire2912 was impressed with the restaurant's speed. "I love how fast Denny's gets these out," she wrote.

Social media managers of well-known brands are often asked to be quick on their toes during live events, cooking up relevant and witty posts that include custom-made graphics.

The trend began when Oreo grabbed headlines at Super Bowl XLVII a couple of years ago, when the company's Twitter account shared a clever and timely tweet in the midst of an in-game blackout.