What will drive Apple’s market value to $1 trillion?

Cristina Arias | Cover | Getty Images

Apple's market value surged past $700 billion in February, but that may only be the beginning with many investors including Carl Icahn fingering the U.S. tech giant to become the first American company to cross the $1 trillion barrier.

The stock, which is set to be included in the blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average on March 19, closed up 0.15 percent at $126.60 on Friday.

On February 10, the iPhone maker became the first U.S. firm to close with a market cap above $700 billion after it announced a partnership with First Solar to build an $850 million renewable energy farm. As Apple prepares to launch its first wearable device on Monday, fans and investors are bracing for the next game-changing product, which many believe will become the firm's next growth engine.

With that, which catalyst do you think will propel Apple's market value to the $1 trillion milestone?

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