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America's best- (and worst-) managed cities

A NYPD Police honor guard stands at attention during a ceremony

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Best- (and worst-) managed US cities

Where do your tax dollars go—and how well are they used?The 2015 "Best & Worst Run Cities in America" ranking looked at per capita spending on education, police and parks in the 65 most-populated U.S. cities.

It measured how well each dollar translated into high standardized test scores, low crime rates and total acres of park land.

The following cities had the best—or worst—return on investment (ROI) of resident tax dollars, adjusted for socioeconomic factors, according to WalletHub, a social network for consumers and small business news.

To decide rankings, WalletHub measured three ratios: Park acreage divided by park expenditures, test scores divided by education spending per capita, and crime rate divided by per capita spending on police. The ratios were weighted for importance and adjusted for socioeconomic factors like median household income, poverty rate and percent of single-parent families to create an average. Out of 110 cities with rankable data, 65 made the final list.

Up first, WalletHub's five best-managed cities in America...

— By CNBC's Anita Balakrishnan
Posted 10 March 2015

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