Apple Watch has one 'big challenge' left: Expert

Apple watch: hype or not?

With the Apple Watch weeks away from hitting the market, the tech giant behind the wearable still needs to sell the pricey device to the public, experts told CNBC on Tuesday.

Apple took the tech world by storm Monday when it detailed the watch during its "Spring Forward" event. Andrew Holland, engagement manager of consulting firm Vivaldi Partners Group, told CNBC that Apple still has work to do.

"The big challenge is in offering something that is truly valuable to the consumer, rather than just a trivial distraction," Holland said. "For this, marketers will need a continuous stream of quality data about the wearer's behaviors. The areas where it is most obviously relevant are retail, travel and fitness."

Another concern? The life cycle of the watch, said Sarah Kahn, an industry research analyst at IBISWorld. It will take years to find out how long the Apple Watch can last, and whether owners need to upgrade them as often as they do smartphones.

Apple said the battery is expected to last 18 hours on a charge, but skeptics may be wary of this estimate, Kahn said.

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