After Raising $2 million in Funding, Startup Releases First TypeScript Framework

AUSTIN, Texas, March 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Platypi, a mobile and web application development company, announces the release of the first ever cross-platform development platform written entirely in TypeScript. The new platform is available now and focuses on giving businesses a competitive advantage for developing large-scale cross-platform applications by using TypeScript as its primary programming language. A relatively new open source language created by Microsoft, TypeScript is gaining momentum and is the key differentiator for what makes the Platypi Platform unique and effective.

The company received $2 million in seed funding last year and has offices in Austin, TX, and Birmingham, AL.

PlatypusTS, the TypeScript framework that is a part of the overall Platypi Platform, has been in development for the past year and is available for download via The release of the new platform will include PlatypusUI, a set of user interface controls for creating custom user experience components, and PlatypusCLI, a command line interface that makes starting a cross-platform app as easy as typing a command.

A team of former Microsoft engineers founded Platypi. "We know what it is like to create large-scale business applications by piecing together unsupported frameworks and libraries," said Chief Experience Officer Matt Morgan. "The whole process is time consuming, costly, unpredictable and produces poor results. So, we thought: Why not make it simple? The Platypi Platform is the piece that pulls it all together."

"Our platform provides everything developers and designers need for building large-scale cross-platform apps with ease," said Chief Executive Officer Matt Landers. "Whether you are writing a website or a native mobile app, the future of cross-platform development is through web technology, but web technology lacks structure for large-scale development. The entire Platypi Platform provides that much needed structure."

For a limited time, developers can test the platform by building a sample app for free via the Getting Started Guide at The Getting Started Guide ushers participants through the entire process of implementing the Platypi Platform and building a mobile app from beginning to end. After finishing the guide, participants will have completed a sample app that enables them to order a free Platypi t-shirt through the app that they built.

About Platypi

Platypi empowers businesses with the solutions, tools and guidance for building apps with an exceptional user experience that can be written once and deployed to any web or native mobile platform. Platypi is the first multi-platform framework for large-scale development written entirely in TypeScript. The framework, controls, and tools are designed to give developers the ability to build powerful apps that can be easily maintained, managed and flawlessly delivered.

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