Grundfos: New time-saving replacement tool for wastewater pumps

Bjerringbro, Denmark, March 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Replacing old wastewater pumps with new ones will improve the performance and efficiency of wastewater systems immediately. With the new Grundfos Replacement Tool it is easy to select the right pump for a specific application.

Changing social behaviour has reduced water consumption significantly while more fibrous material ends up in the collection system. This makes the wastewater tougher to transport - and poses much greater risk of clogging and in turn downtime. At the same time energy usage is a core concern.

All these issues place great demand on the pumps and with the new Grundfos Replacement Tool it is now possible to easily select the best variant in any replacement situation. Replacing old wastewater pumps with new ones will improve the performance and efficiency of wastewater systems immediately - to benefit both operational costs and the environment.

Find the right pump. Easily.

The new Grundfos Replacement Tool is a fast and easy way to find the correct replacement for damaged or inefficient wastewater pumps. The tool quickly finds the optimum SE/SL wastewater pump with S-tube® impeller with a duty point similar to that of the old pump. All it takes is typing in the product name of the existing pump and a list of qualified options appears.

Fig. 1: Start by typing in the product name of the existing pump

"The online Replacement Tool has made it really easy and much quicker to find the optimum alternative to an old pump", says Sales Engineer Damien Kelly from Liquitech (QLD) Pty Ltd., which has been a Grundfos distributor for years. "It is particularly great that you are notified about differences in sizing as space is often an issue in installations".

Fig. 2: See the differences in sizing between the old and the new Grundfos pump to avoid installation issues.

The performance of the recommended SE/SL pumps can be compared on a range of parameters just as it is possible to set the duty point interactively to see the corresponding performance curves. This is another feature that Damien Kelly finds very useful. "I can now easily outline the pros and cons to customers by showing them different curves".

Fig. 3: Explore the performance curves of the qualified Grundfos pumps with the interactive duty point feature

Once the pump selection has been made, a PDF of the chosen pump's data sheet is ready for immediate download. This includes product number and/or adapter number (where applicable) to facilitate the ordering of the replacement pump. Throughout the process the tool functions as a user-friendly guide to make sure the right pump is selected the first time.

Fig. 4: Download a PDF of the pump's data sheet, complete with product number and/or adapter number (where applicable) to order replacement pumps at your local Grundfos sales office.

Find the Replacement Tool online at where a step-by-step tutorial is also available.


Replacement Tool features

  • See list of all relevant Grundfos pumps for your needs
  • View performance curve with interactive duty-point selection
  • See all relevant details about the chosen pump
  • Download data sheet for the chosen pump, featuring product number and adapter number

Pocket Guide

The pocket guide is also available as a supplement to the online replacement tool and Grundfos Product Center, providing quick access to relevant Grundfos SE and SL pump alternatives.

No compromise - Campaign facts

While many wastewater pump manufacturers ask customers to accept lower hydraulic efficiency in order to increase the non-clogging capability, Grundfos has developed a solution that allows customers to get the best of both worlds: The SE/SL wastewater pumps with S-tube® impeller. Thanks to the S-tube® impeller, the entire range delivers world-class hydraulic efficiency and the largest free passage on the market. And with the new Grundfos Replacement Tool selecting the optimum pump from the range has never been easier.

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Source: Grundfos