Hexis Cyber Solutions Launches Latest Version of HawkEye AP for Insider Threat Detection and Advanced Big Data Analytics

HANOVER, Md., March 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hexis Cyber Solutions, Inc. (Hexis), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The KEYW Holding Corporation (Nasdaq:KEYW), and a provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions for commercial companies and government agencies, today announced the latest version of HawkEye AP, its highly scalable, log management solution that provides sophisticated analytics on high volumes of event data. With a new intuitive graphical user interface and an advanced analytics toolbox, HawkEye AP gives users a wide range of new capabilities to model and analyze data according to their specific needs. Included with this release is a new out-of-the-box model covering Insider Threat Detection.

Corporate and government IT security and incident response teams face a trifecta of challenges: cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, data sets are growing exponentially and compliance requirements are becoming more complex. Additionally, existing security technologies and approaches aren't working, thereby leaving intellectual property at risk of damage or theft. While many organizations deploy a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution for basic data protection, today's threat landscape demands a more proactive approach to security investigation and discovery, compliance reporting and predictive analysis.

Pairing an open, flexible event data collection process with a high performance, clustered, columnar-based event data warehouse, HawkEye AP streamlines collection, storage and search functions. HawkEye AP's next generation analytics tools, applied to Big Data, ensure security and corporate compliance, relevant across various industries especially those subject to federal regulations including healthcare and finance.

Enhancements include:

  • Insider Threat Detection: Perform advanced heuristics on user activity to spot deviations that are linked to destruction and/or theft of intellectual property.
  • Advanced Analytics Module: A new graphical-based analytics toolbox facilitates complex data modeling with a deep reporting capability. This enables thorough diagnostics, predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • New User Interface: Built from the ground-up using HTML 5 and CSS 3, to deliver an intuitive user experience, HawkEye AP now makes it easy for a wide range of individuals, beyond Windows IT professionals and architects, to interact with data. New users could include security teams, mathematicians and analytics professionals.
  • Updated Installer: Extending the value of HawkEye AP for channel partners, the solution's new installer streamlines the implementation and deployment processes while also offering monitoring capabilities for offsite deployments.

"Considering the prevalence of threats, unless companies and government organizations are using data to continuously improve and refine their cybersecurity strategies, they will find themselves at risk of being attacked," said Chris Fedde, president of Hexis Cyber Solutions. "Data is often considered an organization's greatest asset. HawkEye AP enables organizations to leverage that data and apply deep analytics to spot trends and anomalies while the forensics aid in the discovery and reporting on incidences, and enabling swift and thorough responses."

Pricing and Availability

The latest version of HawkEye AP is now available through Hexis Cyber Solutions' network of channel partners. Pricing is scalable and available upon request. For additional information, case studies and product videos, please visit: http://www.hexiscyber.com/products/hawkeye-ap.

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Hexis Cyber Solutions, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The KEYW Holding Corporation (Nasdaq:KEYW), based in Hanover, Maryland, provides complete cybersecurity solutions for commercial companies, government agencies, and the Intelligence Community (IC).

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