Operational Equipment Dealers Recommend Dealer Spike

Portland, Oregon, March 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dealer Spike, the leading digital advertiser for the powersports/RV/marine industry, is launching into new ventures. While the company began as a web solutions provider for the powersports industry, Dealer Spike is now well established among powersports, RV, and marine dealerships in North America. After experiencing great success in new sectors, the company has decided to take on new verticals such as heavy truck, auto, and construction and agriculture.

Agricultural equipment providers pose a unique challenge for Dealer Spike. These companies do not operate in the same way as a traditional dealership, so custom features and adjustments are necessary to provide them with a web solutions package that works to their best advantage. Dealer Spike currently provides this for several operational equipment providers in the U.S. and Canada and continues to expand its reach in this industry. The Dealer Spike business model has proven effective for these companies, just as it has for its more developed areas of clientele. One of Dealer Spike's agriculture customers, Coastal Machinery Company, which is located in Pensacola, Florida, has experienced over a 300% increase in leads since switching from its previous web solutions provider, PSN, to Dealer Spike. Considering how great of an increase in business and sales that this dealership has experienced in the time they've been working with Dealer Spike, this is an outstanding achievement for both parties.

Robert Henry, director of marketing at Best Line Equipment with thirteen locations in the Pennsylvania area, has nothing but good things to say about his company's partnership with Dealer Spike. His team started working with Dealer Spike in 2013 for Best Line Powersports. Henry says that he was so impressed with Dealer Spike's responsiveness and connections to manufacturers, he and the Best Line team chose to utilize Dealer Spike's services for their larger and more complex agricultural equipment company the next year. "After launching our equipment website, we have already seen a measured 'spike' in our customer contacts and web leads by more than three times the amount we've seen in the past," Henry says. "Dealer Spike has an incredible technical department, which is able to efficiently meet unique requirements for our website. Dealer Spike also understands our business requirements and is able to work with us to create a number of capabilities that cater to our needs."

Henry was so pleased with Dealer Spike that he recommended the company to a friend of his, Don Hundley, the sales and marketing director at Synergy Equipment with four locations in Florida. Synergy Equipment is still very new to Dealer Spike, but Hundley is already raving about Dealer Spike's efficiency and professionalism in assisting with his construction equipment website. "The team at Dealer Spike has been amazing in getting our site up and running within the extremely short time period I gave them," Hundley says. "I am thankful to Robert Henry for this business connection."

Truck and auto dealerships, two other developing industries that Dealer Spike has delved into, also continue to flourish with the help of Dealer Spike's services. The company will continue to offer its services for dealerships of all kinds, and any non-dealership related businesses can also utilize a similar digital advertising structure with Dealer Spike's sister company, Jast Media. For more information about what this company has to offer, please visit www.JastMedia.com. The team at Dealer Spike looks forward to exciting adventures in helping grow business for new and unique industries.

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