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Stop worrying about stocks! It's time to listen

Cramer: Stop, listen & learn
Cramer: Stop, listen & learn

Even someone as opinionated as Jim Cramer has to take time to be reflective sometimes. That's because just taking time to listen to what the executives at companies are really saying can go a long way.

"Stop, look and listen, because you might understand that while the averages are punk…there's a positive future that can't be lost in the strong-dollar, Federal Reserve mumbo jumbo that's possessed all the professional money managers out there," said the "Mad Money" host.

For instance, Cramer was stopped dead in his tracks Tuesday evening when he interviewed Mark Fields, CEO of Ford. The "Mad Money" host jumped all over Fields with questions about higher interest rates after the market closed in the red.

Fields replied to Cramer, saying, "Let's put into perspective. When you look at what's happening with interest rates here in the states, and all the talk about an interest rate rise, that is really indicative of a healthy economy."

Cramer was shocked—of course, that made sense!

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"I said to myself, wait a second, have we gotten so far away from what's really going on in the economy; have we let our fears drag us down so entirely that it seems like an epiphany when we hear that good is good?" Cramer asked.

The 'Oh, yeah' moment made the "Mad Money" host reflect back to 1997 and 1998, when there was a terrible currency crisis stemming from Asia. Yes, it took down entire sections of the stock market but not the actual economy.

Cramer warned investors to keep their eyes on the big picture, because that is what matters at the end of the day. Yes, the currency crisis back then left scars on some of the trades that Cramer did, particularly those tied to the Tai Bhat and Russian Ruble, but he lived through it.

And when the smoke cleared, Cramer realized that he hadn't taken advantage of the perks. Meaning, he could have taken the opportunity to buy Disney, Under Armour, PepsiCo or Starbucks and taken advantage of the 4 percent yield on Ford.

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"The people who care about these short-term disappointments aren't taking the longer view that makes you big money," Cramer said.

And don't get him wrong, Cramer isn't saying to ignore the short term. But he is saying to take advantage of the opportunities that lower stock prices could offer. Stop, listen and learn about what is really going on in the fundamentals of these companies. Don't only watch the stocks, which are just temporary anyway.

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